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Remember to Overcome


I need my memories to overcome…

My morning routine includes a fabulous cup of coffee. A cup of coffee that I enjoy while working on posts for our Iluminada Facebook page.

Every morning, I sit down to create, review or post something while the coffee is brewing. This morning was no different. While I hear the dripping sound of the water percolating, I also heard different sounds, full-of-rhythm crackling sounds.

The Latina in me thought, “well, leave it to me to find salsa rhythm in a coffee maker“. I could have actually gotten up from my lounge chair and danced to it.

Since it was a loud and abnormal sound, I had to get up and check what was causing it. To my horror, there was coffee grinds and dark, hot water coming from the top of the coffee maker. It was dripping in all directions, making its way to the floor, leaving dark stains on the white counter top and cabinet doors. This watery, coffee mess made me gasp.

While cleaning up the mess, all I could think was, “Rene got me this coffee maker. I don’t want to lose it. I’ll miss his coffees…

I sadly, surprised myself with such thoughts.

My late husband knew how much I loved my morning coffee. He bought me this coffee maker specifically because it has metal carafe… I broke many glass carafes while washing them! It also has a timer that turns it off immediately after brewing. It’s thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for hours.

It looks beat up and old, but I love it. To me, it’s irreplaceable. I felt that if I lost this coffee maker, I’d lose a gift…I’d lose a piece of Rene, the way he showed me he cared. And I have so few of those gifts left…

My favorite author, Isabel Allende, once said that she needs her memories, she needs to “remember to overcome.”

I do too. I don’t need nor do I want a new coffee maker. Not yet.



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